The instrument is placed in a stable plan in black granite (800 x 500 mms).

The column allows you to appropriately position the piece to measure with the aid of the directional vice and the micrometric table.

The Analysis software developed in Windows environment, installed on the supplied PC, allows the visualization of the profiles with zoom on the selected parts and the calculation of the exact numerical value of the specific profile characteristics: distances, circles, arcs, angles, intersection points, absolute coordinates, and connection lines.

PG200 Profilometer  PG200_2  PG200_3

To facilitate the comparison with the drawing, the operator can insert lines, points, circles and so to highlight the differences between profiles and the deviation of form.

The program facilitates the evaluation of complex profiles, as threads or aspherical grooves of ball bushings, using the function “Geometric Primitives”; with this function you can search the regression lines and the figures that best fit the profile with the drawing geometry.

The results can be exported for other software applications and compared with CAD drawings.
For the surveys on hardly accessible surfaces, as inside holes, within grooves or in proximity of shoulders, a wide range of special pick-ups is available for internal or external use, easily interchangeable. Every pick-up’s characteristic and its calibration data are stored into the software.

Main characteristics

  • Exploration range: X = 200 mm, Y = 50 mm
  • Interchangeable pick-ups with extremity: Ø = 0,1 – 0,5 – 1– 2 mm .
  • Resolution: 0,001 mm, (0,0005 mm selectable).
  • Measure speed: 0,2 – 0,5 – 1 – 2 mm/sec
  • Measure force: 0,2 – 0,4 N.
  • Accuracy: (1,5 + L/2 x 10 –3 ) µm
  • Measure angle: rise 70 °, fall 99°.
  • Desk-organized structure with iron support
  • Plan in granite 800 x 500 x 100 mm
  • Vertical Positioning column with a 300 mm course.
  • Profiles exporting and comparing possibility
  • Monitor: 15” color LCD.
  • Windows-based graphical Software with CAD functions
  • Pick-up automatic lifting and positioning


The PG 200 is an instrument conceived for the complete evaluation of the profile It is constituted by an unity of bidimensional acquisition with an hemispherical pick-up in ruby, that sends the data of the profile