The CIRCOM software is the application base of roundness testers retrofit. 

With a microprocessor rack, it allows to interact with a wide variety of existing mechanics, of different brand with obsolete interface, and/or calculation methods, giving them a new life.

The software, automatically adapt itself to the instrument characteristics. The only visible differences will be regarding the user interface. In fact it can vary for example if the instrument has or not a column, or if it has a table with an encoder to display angle.

The enormous advantage is the calculations unification. In this way you can accelerate people training, even if you have different instruments.

Moreover, the software can manage directly the own instrument pick-ups models with all the standard shafts without any adaptation difficulty. If you need to use different length shafts, or not standard pick-ups, it is possible to add them into the software.

circom_1 Circom_3

Actually the managed roundness testers are: Taylor Hobson: Talyrond 50, 73, 75, 100 e 200. Mahr: MMQ2, MMQ3, MMR4 e MFU7. FAG: FMS 2100. Johansson and Federal adaptation racks was realized.

The valuable parameters are: roundness, concentricity, planarity, parallelism, coaxiality, perpendicularity and run-out. If the instruments is equipped with a motorized column it is possible to calculate also straightness and cilindricity.

It is also available the interrupted surfaces calculation.


The software can use metric or imperial measure units.

For polar measures are available the following filters: 1÷15, 1÷50, 1÷150, 1÷500 e 15÷500 waviness/lap. 

For straightness measures the filters are: None, 0,25 mm , 0,8 mm , 2,5 mm e 8 mm . You can choose from 2CR filter or the most recent gaussian filter.

All the references calculation methods for the circumference are available: LSC, MZC, MIC e MCC. For the plane: LSP, MZP, MIP e MSP. For straight line: LSL, MZL, MIL e MSL.

For the planarity and the parallelism it is possible to display results in the classical top view or in 3D view.

For the cilindricity you can choose this type of visualization: top view, 3D with profiles only, 3D wireframe or 3D shaded.

All 3D views are moveable in all directions.

A driven procedure allows the user to center and level the measure piece.

The standard measurement cycles are available directly on the PC screen. With these cycles the piece positioning and the profile acquisition are ready to use, and it is only necessary the operator confirmation to proceed and obtain rapidly the results.

For serial controls or more complex calculations it is possible to create programmable measure cycles in order to simplify and speed up the use.